This Sandstone building in Faversham had cement pointing that was causing damage we replaced it with a breathable lime mortar

The two primary reasons for lime pointing repairs are:

  • The original lime mortar pointing has degraded over time and needs to be replaced. This may be the result of gradual decay over time through weathering.
  • The masonry has been re-pointed with a cement mortar which unlike lime is not permeable, leading to damp problems and damage to the building and adjacent masonry. This must be replaced with an appropriate lime mortar to solve the problem and prevent further damage.

The first step is to remove the degraded or inappropriate mortar, this is done carefully and sympathetically ensuring the integrity of the masonry.

Once all the mortar is removed to the correct depth, all excess dust is removed. The masonry is then thoroughly cleaned using a power washer, removing years of accumulated  fungi and debris. There is also the added option of using the DOFF steam cleaning system for particularly soiled masonry.

Here at Prestige Brickwork we specialise in the repointing of period properties using traditional methods and techniques.

Depending on the age and architecture of your masonry, we can give you expert advice on the best methods and pointing style and deliver a flawless and lasting finish.

Our natural hydraulic and slaked limes are all of the highest quality from reliable suppliers. We can use a range of different aggregates so we can colour match any existing mortar.

We are proud of the work we produce and put in multiple pointing samples at the beginning of each job to give the customer time to decide on the exact colour and finish.