This privacy policy is to cover a range of Scratch and App Inventor tutorial apps listed on the Google play store and it’s Apple alternative.

The apps are called “Scratch Tutorials”, ” App Inventor 2 Tutorials”, “Tutorials for Scratch” and “Scratch Games”. Think that covers them all. These apps are all distributed in the name of the developer David Phillips.

So anyway, all the apps are simply a bunch of videos with a front page that acts as a menu system. We don’t collect any data at all about anyone. I am just a teacher who made a few videos to teach kids basic programming, I frankly don’t know much more than what’s in the apps myself, so the idea that I am going to be harnessing your personal details is laughable. I struggle to remember my own personal data let alone anyone else’s. Besides at no point when using the apps will you be asked to login, put in any personal details at all. There is no backend that the apps communiate with, you can turn off your internet connection and they will work the same. Oh there is one that let’s you make an in-app purchase to get rid of the adverts on Apple, but Apple collect those details, not me.

Why is the app on a page for a brickwork company? I had to put a privacy policy somewhere and has gone now. I couldn’t even update Drupal with out making the whole website die. So I binned the site off and the privacy policy on there went and I still need one and I build this site for my brother in law.

If you want your house repointed and live in South East England drop me line. I am quite versatile and can build physically and virtually…..